Team Page Information
Team pages allow your team or group members to order team suits and gear directly from our website so you don't have to collect orders or handle money.  You can also list additional information such as your team's fundraising code, swim team levels or any other information you want on your team page.

Find Your Team or Group Page
Click here if your team or group has already created a team page.  You can place orders for your team suits and equipment, get team information and even have 5% of every purchase get donated to your team if they are signed up for our fundraising program.  If you don't see your team page, contact your coach or team/group representative about setting one up.


What is a Team Page
Click here to get more information on what you can do with your team page, see sample team pages and learn how to set one up.

Create a New Team Page
Click here to fill out an online form and start your own team page.

Make Changes to an Existing Team Page
Click here if you already have a team page set up, but want to add/delete items from your page or make any other changes.