PureBlueSwim.com Team and Group Buyer Discounts

Receive an additional 10-20% off our already low Prices on most products on our website.  Simply take 30 seconds to fill out the online Team and Group Buyers Profile and we will give your account access to our rock bottom team and group discounts...all the time.
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Who Is Eligible to Get Team and Group Discounts?
If you are the designated buyer/contact for your team, group, rec center or guard program, and you are the one responsible for purchasing all the suits and gear for your group, then you are eligible to receive access to our team/group discounted price level.  No contract, no minimums, no initial purchase needed.  No kidding!  It really is as easy as it sounds.

How Does it Work?
We make it easy for you.  We give your account access to our team/group price level so you will automatically be able to view and purchase all of the products on our website at team discounted prices, simply by logging in to your account on our website.  No need to enter a special code, refer to a separate price list or even purchase a minimum quantity.  You will be able to see your price (and your savings) on every product on our website.  We want your team shopping experience with us to be as easy and hassle-free as possible and above all, we want you to feel confident that you are always receiving great value for your dollar.

What is Team/Group Buyer Discount?
The discount varies by product (and certain items like custom products and pool equipment may be exempt), but in general, it will be 10-20% lower than our already low Prices, which means your total discount will usually be around 25-40% off the full list price.  And as always, if you do happen to find a lower price somewhere else, we will Instantly Price Match for you on the spot.

What if my team is Under Contract or Currently Uses Another Dealer?
No problem.  We don't require any contracts, we do not lock you in and we do not require exclusivity.  You don't even have commit to purchasing anything in order to get set up and have access to the team discounted prices.  We know that teams and groups have different ordering habits and needs than individuals and we just want to make sure all teams and groups out there have access to our great team pricing.  So just let us know who you are and what team or group you are purchasing for and you will be given access to the team/group discounts.  No strings, requirements or caveats...seriously.

Sounds Great!  How Do I Get Started?
Step 1:  Simply fill out our online Team Buyers Profile so we can give your account team discounts. 
View Team/Group Buyers Profile

Step 2:  Please allow 1-2 business days for us to process your team profile and set-up your account.

Step 3:
  Once your team/group buyer account is set-up, we will notify you and you will have immediate access to our team price level on everything on our website.