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Distributor FAQ's

Who Is Eligible to Become a Pure Blue Swim Distributor?

This program is designed for companies, groups or organizations that are in the business of buying swim related product in bulk for the purpose of stocking, displaying and reselling it to your customers, members or patrons.  You MUST provide us with your current Reseller's License, Sales Tax ID Number and fill out a Distributor Application in order to be eligible for our distributor pricing.  Here are just a few examples of the kind of organizations that may be eligible:

Swim shops or general sporting good shops that would like to resell our full range of products but either don't have the time or do enough volume to get opened up directly with each of our hundreds of manufacturers.
-Rec Centers, Y's, Fitness Clubs, Country Clubs or other organizations that have retail stores or kiosks in their facilities that resell swim product back to their customers and members.
-Swim Schools and Learn-To-Swim Programs that have mini-retail stores in their facility and resell product back to their students.
-Screen print and embroidery shops that work with swim programs and would like to be able to add swimwear, warm-ups, parkas and swim bags to the list of customizable items they can offer to their customers.
-Other Third Party Distributors

How Does it Work?
Once your organization has been approved to receive distributor pricing, we will give your account access to our distributor price level and you will automatically be able to view and purchase all of the products on our website at distributor prices, simply by logging in to your account on our website.  No need for special codes or referring to a separate price list.  You will be able to see your price (and your savings) on every product on our website.

What is the Distributor Discount?
The goal of this program is to offer the products on our website to our distributors at a price that will allow you to mark up the product to the standard retail price to sell to your customers and still make a reasonable margin.  The discount varies by product (and some products may be ineligible), but most products will receive a discount in the neighborhood of 40, 45 or even 50% off.

Are There Any Special Conditions or Restrictions That Apply to Distributor Orders?
Yes.  This program is designed for distributors and resellers.  It is NOT designed for individual or team orders.   As such, many items will have minimum order quantity and/or case pack requirements.  There is also a minimum order total.  In addition, you do not qualify for any free shipping, additional discounts, coupons or sale offers.  Finally, all returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee and any returns will be credited to account only.  No refunds.  Please refer to the DISTRIBUTOR APPLICATION for full terms and conditions.

I am the Buyer for My Team/Group, but I am not a Distributor.  Are There Extra Discounts for My Team/Group?
Absolutely!  Our Team/Group Buyer Program works almost the same way.  Simply fill out the Team/Group Profile and we will register you as your team/group buyer.  As your designated team buyer, your account will automatically receive discounts of 30-40% off on almost everything on our website, no matter the quantity.  
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Do I Need to Submit an Initial Order Before I Can Be Approved as a Distributor?

No.  As long as you fill out an application and meet our distributor criteria, you can be approved and set up with distributor account access before you place your first order.

Sounds Great!  How Do I Apply?
Step 1:
  Fill out our Distributor Application.  CLICK HERE to download the application.
Step 2:
  Fax the application to 952-979-9080 or send it via email to  You can also mail the application back to us at Pure Blue Swim * 13810 24th Ave North, Suite 430 * Plymouth, MN 55441
Step 3:
  Please allow 1 week for us to process your application, respond to you and set up your distributor account if you are approved.