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Swim Meet Sales
LET US SET UP AT YOUR MEET - Earn some extra money for your team by letting Pure Blue Swim set up at your next swim meet.  We bring a HUGE variety of product and brands to every meet we attend and we will pay your team a commission of the overall sales.
SWIM MEET CONSIGNMENT - Pure Blue Swim also allows you to earn some extra money by sending you consignment packages of our best selling items to your next swim meet or event.  We custom tailor the package to your meet or event size.  We will even include instructions for setting up and displaying the product to maximize your sales.  After the meet/event, just send back the product that you didn't sell and we will give you a commission check based on the overall sales from your event.  You have no upfront costs to incur.
Call us today to schedule us for your next swim meet or if you would like some more information on setting up a consignment package for your next event.  Toll Free 1-877-877-SWIM (7946).