Facilities and Regulation of Bristol Mountain Aerial Adventure

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Bristol Mountain Aerial Adventure will give a very amazing climbing adventure. This adventure will take place at Bristol Mountain. The company has a garden which provides two unique experience and very different than the others. You can be adventurous to climb in the ranks of more than 5,000 feet. The park has seven courses with levels of varying difficulty. You will feel the altitude above the ground with a thrilling sensation.
Bristol Mountain Aerial AdventureThis cliff is made of a secure platform for on the tree and all the platforms are connected. All elements consist of challenges and obstacles, such as a zip line, a surprise swinging, rolling elements, stair climbing, tightrope walking, wobbly bridges, and rope bridges. There are courses that can be followed by children aged four to seven years.

Things To-Do

This mountain is a major ski resort located in the Finger Lakes Region. This ski offers very high speed. You will feel on top. When viewed from the top, then there are 35 slopes and trails that look so amazing that you can ski safely. Beginner and expert skiers can make this resort as a top choice for skiing. You do not need to worry because, in the evenings, the resort has a 69% lighting so you do not need to be afraid. This is the best snow conditions for skiing exercise. The mountain is located in Canandaigua New York.


The resort will always be full in all seasons so you can visit anytime. Bristol Mountain has six lifts. Two of the lift has a very high speed. There is a magic carpet conveyor, one double seat fixed grips, the grip remains three, one fixed grip quad, and high-speed detachable quads. Systems with high speed have been there since 2009. It is a mountain that makes skiers can go to advanced terrain. The system is also able to transport 2,000 passengers per hour to the summit in just over four minutes.

This resort has The Comet Express at a very high speed and has Lower Rocket in 1999. This comet can transport guests to various corners of the mountain with varied terrain such as double black, black, blue, and green. You will get to the place you want in about four minutes. This is an amazing thing for local and foreign tourists. Lunar Launch was created in 2008 and is located at the base of the mountain. It is a 60-foot magic carpet was very comfortable and was able to carry 1,500 skiers per hour. You’ll be on the slopes within a short time. Experience is what you get by following the Bristol Mountain Aerial Adventure.

The Morning Star is a lift in the middle of the mountain and the lift was created in 2000. This service is useful for beginners who want to ski in the middle field. This elevator has 600 feet tall and can carry 2,000 passengers in just eight minutes. Rocket provides a road leading to the summit in just 12 minutes. Rocket can carry 1,800 passengers per hour. Skiers can go to advanced level terrain using this lift. The sunset grip remains have been repaired in 1992. You can go up to the mountain and this lift can transport 1,200 passengers per hour.


These activities have rules that must be obeyed by all members. All groups will get a three-hour adventure. Children can enjoy this adventure is a child to the age of four years. All guests will be required to provide a signature on Assumption of Risk Agreement. This is done before the entrance to the park. All guests need to download the forms provided by the committee.

Guests under the age of 18 years also must have an agreement that has been signed by a legal guardian or parent. You can do the cancellation 48 hours before the activity is done and you will receive a full refund. If you do not cancel less than 24 hours, then you will float funds. If there is a sudden extreme weather, then all the guests will be evacuated out of the park or waiting for the storm for 60 minutes. If the weather remains poor in the day, the resort will offer a Weather Delay applies to single tickets that have been booked. Those are some rules to follow Bristol Mountain Aerial Adventure.

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