The Best Programs from Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center

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Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center will be the best solution to cure drug addiction. Addiction causes a person trapped in pain and could not escape. Addiction can be cured through the proper way. The recovery center is in Georgia in a peaceful rural and filled with beautiful forest in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This rehabilitation center offers its clients a treatment experience that is amazing. This place is the best treatment method presented in the form of a holistic and friendly. Experts are very understanding of the system and not just the disease in people suffering from addiction.
Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery CenterThere are a variety of interesting programs that can cure drug addiction. This place offers a relapse prevention, music therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, psycho-social education, and so forth. The program has been designed with the involvement of their loved ones, legal, social, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of those clients. Every person has a unique and staff of this place is always ready to help all clients to get the best results through individualized treatment. It is delivered by experts who have high dedication. The program is carried out by a medical professional, a licensed therapist and certified addiction counselor team.

Detoxification Program

Detoxification is the first step that can be done to overcome addiction to alcohol or drugs. This stage does not care about such substances but the medical staff would alleviate the effects of these substances so that people can become more stable physically and mentally. This program will be closely monitored. Clients will be given the right medication and supervised by nursing staff and medical director. This place employs a lot of nurses who already have a license to work 24/7 so that the nurse can make sure it’s safe from drugs and alcohol.

This is a process to remove toxins from the body of the client. If the client has been taking the drug for a long time, then the detoxification will be an unpleasant experience. Each client has different symptoms depending on the state of health, the use of additives, and doses of drugs that are consumed by the client. This program offers support and guidance of all medical and nursing staff. This place will make the detoxification process running safely. The right information helps nurses to perform the detoxification process well.

Residential Treatment

Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center has another program called the residential treatment. This is a treatment program that is given to clients who experience disorders and addictions such as anxiety and depression. The program is usually done on average for 35 to 45 days. The staff will help all clients to complete the program and continue the recovery beyond this place. The program uses a holistic approach so that everyone does not just focus on the symptoms of the disease. The program begins with a meditation in the morning.

Relapse prevention group will be done every day for one hour. Clients will attend a small group after lunch. Clients will be in study hall after dinner. Clients have free time at 11 pm. Clients must participate in each daily therapy, such as college education, individual therapy sessions, recreational activities, spirituality groups, and relapse prevention. The staff of this place has always believed that the client will recover from a disease that tragic moment doing the right therapy and together with the people they love so that this program always requires the support of the client’s family.

Family Program

The place is believed that family support becomes very needed by the client. Clients with mental illness or drug addiction can be cured with the support of the family. This program is available without paying extra fees. This program will help the clients to be close to their families. The program is conducted by way of the family should visit the client to see the progress and opportunities of the client. This program provides a family session for the client so that the client can stay with the family in a few days.

The program offers families to participate in family workshops. Every family has the experience for two days to learn about recovery, addiction, and mental illness. Staff can help to improve communication skills within the family so that all family members will feel understood and well understood. The purpose of this program is to know about the disease process and impacts for all the family. Each family member is expected to be open-minded about mental illness, addiction, and drug dependence. Families are encouraged to talk openly about the disease suffered by the client. This is the most powerful way to cure addiction or disorder suffered by the client. Clients will need the support of all members of the family to rise up and become healthy again. That is the program of the Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center.

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