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TYR, Speedo, Nike and Dolfin Sponsorship Programs

As a National Preferred Team Dealer, Pure Blue Swim has access to manufacturer sponsorship programs offered by TYR, Speedo, Nike and Dolfin.  These sponsorship programs can offer your team some HUGE savings on team warm-ups, training gear and technical suits AS WELL AS providing additional free product to your coaches.  We can help you set it up so there is very little work on your part.  This is perfect for teams that want to outfit their coaches and swimmers from head to toe for the regular and championship season and save your team members a lot of money in the process.  Sponsorship programs vary depending on the manufacturer and what type of team you are, but here are some typical benefits:

  • FREE Polo Shirts, warm-ups, bags, briefcases and stopwatches for your coaching staff.
  • 25%-50% off elite technical racing suits for the champ season.  This alone can save your swimmers a LOT of money and is well worth looking in to.
  • 25%-50% off team apparel and warm-ups.
  • 25%-50% off team bags and equipment such as paddles, pull buoys, kickboards, etc…
If you have questions about any of the sponsorship programs or need help figuring out what your price will be, please give us a call toll free at 1-877-877-SWIM (7946) or send an e-mail to  Thank You!

Speedo Sponsorship Programs:
2013 Discount and Promo Program Summary
(use the above link as a quick reference summary of all the different programs Speedo offers.  More detailed information on specific programs can be found below)

2013 Speedo Sponsorship General Application
2013 Speedo NISCA High School Sponsorship Outline
2013 Speedo NISCA High School Team Benefit Order Form
2013 Speedo College Swim Sponsorship
2013 Speedo USA Swimming Club Team Sponsorship
2013 Speedo YMCA Swim Team Sponsorship
2013 Speedo Recreation/Summer League Swim Team Sponsorship
2013 Speedo Masters Swim Team Sponsorship
2013 Speedo Synchro Basic Sponsorship
2013 Speedo Diving Team Sponsorship
2013 Speedo College Water Polo Sponsorship
2013 Speedo Club Water Polo Sponsorship

TYR Sponsorship Programs:
NIKE Sponsorship Programs:

Dolfin Sponsorship Program
Dolfin Team Sponsorship Program